Things about orgasms that you probably didn’t know.

For most people, the ultimate objective behind every sexual encounter is the achievement of orgasm. Women, unlike men, take much longer to achieve orgasm. However, they have the ability to achieve multiple orgasms; something men find absolutely impossible to do. Unless of course you are a man using Cialis in that case the effect of Cialis on your body could lead to greater stimulation during sex. Here is a list of other things about orgasms that you probably did not know before.

Orgasm is not only caused by sex

There are people who tend to achieve an orgasm through masturbation. As much as masturbation and sex are two different things, the end feeling that’s orgasm is quite the same and leaves one sexually satisfied. For those who have a weak sexuality, suggestive features like women breasts or a muscular, handsome man for the case of ladies can make someone to reach an orgasm.

There are some people who achieve an orgasm more than once during a sexual intercourse at the same time and this is very common with women. It can be considered to be a condition but it is not a bad thing since it is not a complicated condition that can threaten life. There are even some people especially women who will get an orgasm through a mere ouch by a male and those are the types of women who can get more than even 10 orgasms in a day everyday.

Men reach orgasm faster than women

It has been proven that most men take less than ten minutes to reach an orgasm while women can go up to an hour or forty minutes before reaching an orgasm.For a woman to reach an orgasm her mind must be relaxed and she must also focus on the sexual intercourse fully because it is all in the mind. This is also the same in men since orgasm is an activity that is controlled by the mind.

There are two types of orgasm in women. One is caused by the stimulation of the clitoris while the other is as a result of the g-spot stimulation. But these orgasms can be reached at the same time only if the right sex techniques are applied during a sexual intercourse where both the g-spot and the clitoris are being stimulated at the same time.

Female pleasure points

Women prefer using vibrators if they really want to reach orgasm that bad because vibrators are able to stimulate both the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. The rabbit vibrator is very popular for this and that is why it is highly preferred by so many women out there.
Another unexpected thing about orgasm is that women tend to reach orgasm faster when their male partners use the tongue and not the penis to play around with their virginals. The penis will always concentrate on one point which is the g-spot but with the tongue, the most sensitive part of the virginal which is the clitoris is stimulated quite fast.

Having an orgasm is one of the best ways to relax the mind and that is why when it comes to releasing tension or stress, sex is one of the best remedies. For any lady who has experienced a good orgasm, the feeling is so refreshing and leaves one relaxed and happy.