1. Question- Does Cialis actually work?
Answer – Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have been using Cialis for more than 10 years since the drug was first discovered. The results from global studies show that Cialis is a viable medication for ED and will remain so for a while.

2. Question- Can you spot fake Cialis vendors?
Answer – If you plan to buy Cialis online then you might find it very difficult to separate real vendors from fake ones who are just trying to steal your money. The only way around this problem is to buy from genuine vendors with reviews and testimonials.

3. Question- How does Cialis work?
Answer – Cialis is part of a group of drugs whose main component is tadalafil. Tadalafil is similar to sildenafil which is found in Viagra and which has proved very effective in treating ED over the years.

4. Question- how can you buy Cialis over the counter?
Answer – Most people suffering from erectile dysfunction today prefer to buy their drugs online rather than to buy them from physical vendors over the counter. But that does not mean that physical sellers are any worse – on the contrary they can be quite good.

5. Question- Can you buy Cialis without a prescription?
Answer – Cialis is, by definition, classified as a prescription drug. That means that in order to use the drug you must first present a valid prescription from a qualified medical professional.

6. Question- How serious are the side effects of Cialis?
Answer – Most people who use Cialis will attest to the fact that the drug’s side effects are rarely ever serious or life threatening. But, that said, you should still seek medical attention if you experience any of them to make sure they are dealt with on time.

7. Question- Do genuine Cialis pills come with guarantees?
Answer – Guarantees for Cialis and other erectile dysfunction drugs are not easily available since the drugs are classified as prescription drugs. At the end of the day the guarantee you get will depend on the reputation of the vendor from whom you buy it and their trustworthiness.