5 Tips on How to Reduce Soreness after Workouts and Sex!

In every forum advocating for health and well-being, you will always be advised to stay fit and do a lot of exercises. You will also be taught on ways to last longer in bed, and such kind of lessons. Something that such forums may forget or fail to tell you is that you should also expect and plan for soreness that comes along with any of those activities. Workouts for example lead to various muscle pains and even inflammations. Vigorous sex activities may lead to soreness and backache related problems. If you find yourself in such situations, here are 6 tips on how to go about addressing the problem.

Keeping stretching

I know this seems a bit too much to ask. Stretching actually helps your muscles to relax, and return to their normal positions. In workouts and vigorous sex, you will be required to lean and contract your muscles from time to time. When you go for stretching sessions, the contacted muscles are forced to relax back and maintain their initial positions.

Use ice and heat treatment

Ice is the best treatment if you have a certain inflammation. Whenever any part of your body comes into contact with ice, the muscles are forced to shrink or contact in size. This makes the inflammation reduce, and in turn leave no room for the affected muscles to keep moving out of place. Heat treatment is also effective when you happen to encounter some back pain. It is good to have another person do the treatment, while you lie down and relax you muscles.


Massage therapies are wrongly considered as only sources of pleasure. The truth is that massages are some of the best ways to deal with soreness. If you just had a tiring workout session or sex session, consider going for a massage immediately. You will feel the dramatic effects, as the sore muscles and body parts are being massaged back to their initial and normal positions.

Take painkillers

Sometimes, sore muscles get too painful that it is actually impossible to even go out of the bed. The best first Aid remedy to that is swallowing a painkiller. Painkillers o not necessarily treat soreness. What they do is give you a chance to go out and look for better treatment methods. You will also be in position to stretch and walk without too much strain when you have had taken a painkiller.

Take the right diet

Our bodies work more like the mechanical machines we are used to. Just the same way you will need to provide spare parts to your car after several trips; the same you will need to eat the right foods after a strenuous work out or sex session. Go for proteins and foods rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates give the energy the cells need to recover, while proteins provide the raw materials needed in the mending and repair of any torn muscles.