13 reasons why sleep is important for your health.

1. Alleviation of stress. Sleep plays an important role in the alleviation of stress as it facilitates the relaxation of the brain to help wash away the stress and come up with proper solutions

2. Boosting memory. When one sleeps the information that is in their brains is able to be organised and we are able to remember what we learned before with ease.

3. Improvement of physical activity. Good sleep always leaves you energized and ready for action. That goes for the bedroom too- if you get some good sleep and then take some good Cialis, your performance in bed will be out of this world. But make sure that you only use Cialis on a doctor’s prescription so that you avoid any possible side effects.

4. Avoiding depression. Depression may come about due to the problems that we think about and we have no solution for them therefore in order to curb this, one may go to sleep so as to alleviate the situation faced.

5. Boosting ones mood. When one goes to sleep, all the muscles in the body relax. Therefore the person is able to sleep at ease without disturbances. The brain is also able to rest. This helps in the boosting of a persons mood when they eventually wake up.

6. Boosting the body metabolism- Body metabolism is a determinant of various factors in ones body. The body metabolism is also boosted when one goes to sleep as there are no many processes that are worked on for example digestion hence the body is at rest and when an individual wakes up it is active metabolically.

7. Curbing inflammation. Research proves that majority of the people who have fewer hours of sleep are also plagued with blood inflammation proteins. This is only reduced with the onset of sleep. If an individual, has a good length of sleep then they are not bound to have this problem.

8. Rejuvinatuion of the body. It is healthy to sleep as the body becomes relaxed and refreshed as its muscles are at a point of relaxation.

9. Repair of worn out cell. When one goes to sleep, the body is able to repair the worn out cells and develop new energised cells. This keeps an individual healthy.

10. Elimination of eye circles below the eyes. Eye circles that form below the eye and are darkly coloured are eliminated by the sleep. This is healthy for the eyes and the regions around it.

11. Boosting of persons creativity. Since when we sleep the brain is able to consolidate information, in waking up we are able to organise the information and creatively come up with something new out of it.

12. Sharpening an individual’s concentration. It is healthy for an individual to stay focused and concentrate. This will boost our interpretation of information and understanding.

13. Maintenance of a good body weight. Sleep comes in handy in the maintenance of a healthy body weight. This will assist in case in the event of a sickness as one may not be able to lose a lot of body weight.